2:00-2:10     Opening Remarks

Session 1: Graph Algorithms

2:10-2:30     Xiaojun Dong, Letong Wang, Yan Gu and Yihan Sun. Provably Fast and Space-Efficient Parallel Biconnectivity

2:30-2:50     Nairen Cao, Jeremy Fineman and Katina Russell. Efficient Construction of Directed Hopsets and Parallel Single-source Shortest Paths

2:50-3:10     Mahbod Afarin, Chao Gao, Shafiur Rahman, Nael Abu-Ghazaleh and Rajiv Gupta. CommonGraph: Graph Analytics on Evolving Data

3:10-3:30     Jessica Shi, Laxman Dhulipala and Julian Shun. Theoretically and Practically Efficient Parallel Nucleus Decomposition

3:30-4:00     Break

Session 2: Data Structures and Matrices

4:00-4:20     Yihao Huang, Shangdi Yu and Julian Shun. Faster Parallel Exact Density Peaks Clustering

4:20-4:40     Yiqiu Wang, Shangdi Yu, Yan Gu and Julian Shun. Fast Parallel Algorithms for Euclidean Minimum Spanning Treeand Hierarchical Spatial Clustering

4:40-5:00     Daniel Anderson, Guy Blelloch and Yuanhao Wei. Smarter Atomic Smart Pointers:Safe and Efficient Concurrent Memory Management

5:00-5:20     Hongbo Kang, Yiwei Zhao, Guy E. Blelloch, Laxman Dhulipala, Yan Gu, Charles McGuffey and Phillip B. Gibbons. PIM-tree: A Skew-resistant Index for Processing-in-Memory

5:20-5:40     Toluwanimi O. Odemuyiwa, Hadi Asghari-Moghaddam, Michael Pellauer, Kartik Hegde, Po-An Tsai, Neal C. Crago, Aamer Jaleel, John D. Owens, Edgar Solomonik, Joel S. Emer and Christopher W. Fletcher. Accelerating Sparse Data Orchestration via Dynamic Reflexive Tiling

5:40-6:00     Magdalen Dobson and Guy Blelloch. Parallel Nearest Neighbors in Low Dimensions with Batch Updates

Poster Session:

6:00-8:30     At SPAA Reception. All accepted papers